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MOOSIB T2: Micro Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

Balcony Solar System

MOOSIB T2: Micro Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

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Install in 15 mins | 2.32~9.28kWh | 4000W Max Input & 6400W Output | App Control | IP65 WaterProof

    Features of Micro Energy Storage System

    • Moosib T2 is a balcony micro energy storage products, with mainstream micro inverters and photovoltaic panels to use, when the sun is full of priority to the battery charging, the battery is fully charged to the micro-reverse power supply, while supporting the cell phone APP control of the battery priority charging, micro-reverse priority supply of electricity, at the same time the battery charging micro-reverse for the function of selecting the battery to set the start to the micro-reverse power supply time settings. When the sun can not provide sufficient sunlight, it will automatically switch to the battery to supply power to the micro-reverse, realizing the function of micro-reverse plus energy storage.
      Through the panel can view the photovoltaic input operating status, battery operating status and battery power and other characteristics, up to 2-way MC4, PV input connected to the 12-60V solar panels, 2-way MC4, DC output, through the extension cord connected to the micro inverter, in addition to the battery pack is not enough to use the battery pack can be connected through the way to realize the capacity of the expansion of the external power packs, so that the capacity of micro-energy storage system to increase.



    Expandable Capacity 2328-9312Wh

    *Parallel Expansion: Supports up to 4 charging packages of the same voltage platform and the same capacity.



    Expand Output & Input Anytime

    *Moosib T2 is our latest easy-to-install balcony solar storage system. T2 enables you to optimize your energy usage and reduce your electric bill. Saving you up to €1200 euros per year.

    *By connecting multiple T2 units, you can increase the total solar panel input and output power (each unit with 1000W PV input, 1600W DC output, 2328-9312Wh capacity), allowing you to customize the setup based on your home's needs.



    effortlessly set up:

    *Say goodbye to complex setups and electrician installations. Our design philosophy prioritizes user-friendliness, allowing you to effortlessly set up in just 15 minutes. By eliminating unnecessary features and focusing on what truly matters, we ensure a hassle-free experience.



    Easy to Move Anytime:

    *Dive into the world of solar energy with confidence, knowing that getting started is as easy as a few simple steps.



    Plug-in & Use Anywhere:

    *Discover the perfect energy solution tailored for diverse living spaces. Whether you reside in an apartment with a sun-kissed balcony or own a detached home boasting a lush garden, the T2 is designed to fit seamlessly. 



    Battery PV Input Specification

    Mode Min Std Max Remarks
    Input Voltage/V 12 30 60 Recommended to use solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 60V
    Max Input Current/A  - 20*2 -
    Max Input Power/W - 500*2 -
    Max Tracking Efficiency/%

    Input Under-voltage Protection/V 10 10.5 11 Auto-recovery
    Input Under-voltage Recovery/V 11 11.5 12 Based on panel terminal voltage
    Input Over-voltage Protection/V 61.5 62 62.5 Based on panel terminal voltage, auto-recovery
    Input Over-voltage Recovery/V 59.5 60 60.5 Based on panel terminal voltage
    Temperature Protection/℃ 
    "MOS tube temperature exceeds +85℃ for derating, saturates and stops output at 105℃, resumes operation when temperature returns to +70℃"
    PV Input Channels 2 channels
    PV Input Interface MC4
    Activation Mode Button activation, PV charging activation
    Sleep Mode Button sleep, delayed auto-sleep
    Parallel Expansion                                                           Supports up to 4 charging packs of the same voltage platform with the same capacity

    Battery Pack Specification

    Item Min Std Max Remarks
    Battery Pack Rated Capacity/Wh

    Available Capacity Ratio DOD
    Battery Pack Rated Voltage/V 37.8 44.8 51.1 (2.7C-3.65V)*14
    Rated Capacity/Ah

    Rated Charging Current/A

    Rated Discharge Current/A

    Maximum Allowed Discharge Current/A


    Allowed Charging Temperature/℃
    - 50
    Allowed Discharge Temperature/℃
    -10 - 60
    Long-term Storage Temperature/℃
    10 25 45
    Cycle Count
    >3000 times
    SOC Accuracy
    Parallel Interface
                                                                        "2pin female + 6pin signal cable (1 expansion port for main unit, 2 expansion ports for sub-pack)"                                                               "Bus: P+/P-, rated overcurrent 50A Signal line: GND, VCC, 485A, 485B, SW, SIG"

    Battery Output Specification

    Item Min Std Max Remarks
    Output Voltage Range/V
    Output 46.2V after battery is fully charged
    Output Current Range/A (DC1)

    Output 800W power
    Output Current Range/A (DC2)


    Output 800W power
    Output Voltage Accuracy/%


    Output Voltage Ripple/mV

    Measured at input port position with parallel 10uF/0.1uF bandwidth at 20MHz
    Output Voltage Overshoot/%


    Output Voltage Dynamic/%

    Load 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100%, current rise slope 0.5A/uS
    Temperature Protection


    "MOS tube temperature exceeds +85℃ for derating, saturates and stops output at 105℃, resumes operation when temperature returns to +70℃"
    Output Ports

    Communication Port

    Communication Port
    Bluetooth WiFi