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MOOSIB 2200PRO Balcony Solar System

Balcony Solar System

MOOSIB 2200PRO Balcony Solar System

MOOSIB 2200PRO Balcony Solar System is a smart and environmentally friendly solution for solar energy storage and energy bill savings. The system is easy to install without any installation work required, and its energy savings are 3.5 times as much as using other home solar systems without batteries. It also allows you to produce your own electricity using solar power, self-sufficiently. Additionally, the system is smartly allocated electricity to appliances based on their usage patterns, and stores surplus energy in off-peak times for peak usage.

    2200Pro + 200W Flexibles Solarpanel x 4(Gesamt: 800 W)

    LANPWR 2200PRO Solar System without any installation, plug and play without an electrician, just plug it into the power socket!

    LANPWR 2200PRO Solar System, your photovoltaics with electricity storage, and your energy bill savings are 3.5 times as much as that from using other home solar systems without batteries..

    If you produce your own electricity, you will never be sitting in the dark! With your photovoltaic system with electricity storage you can use solar power self-sufficiently!

    The solar panels are attached to the balcony, connected to the storage by cable and plugged into a standard wall socket. This self-generated electricity is fed back directly into this socket and is available in the entire apartment – without any construction site in your home, without any technician or tons of paperwork.

    Smart App monitor data in real time, the microinverter can allocate just the right amount of electricity to each appliance, and the surplus to a portable power station. During peak hours, it prioritises home use. And most of the energy gets stored in off-peak times.



    Cost Saving
    No installation costs, No inverter costs, Save engry everyday
    Easy Setup
    Just plug in a few interfaces to complete the installation of the balcony solar system
    Efficient Solar Energy
    New version of balcony solar charging system, PV18-100V/20A 1200W Max

    Power Station with on-grid Inverter (support 200w/400w/600w/800w) Inside
    We integrate the on-grid inverter into the power station, greatly simplifying installation and use, and reducing purchase and installation costs.微信图片_20240511160248tv5

    Day Mode / Night Mode
    With Solar Input Charging featuring PV18-100V/20A and a maximum capacity of 1200W, in full sun, In just 2 hours, 1200W solar panels can achieve an impressive 80% charge for the energy storage system, ensuring swift and effective recharging.


    Power Down Mode
    Empower your home in times of blackouts with our balcony energy storage system. Delivering a continuous 2200Wh and peaking at 4400W, our system ensures that crucial appliances keep running even when the grid fails. Stay resilient in the face of power outages, experiencing uninterrupted comfort with our reliable energy solution.

    2 kWh Power Station: Whole House Appliances
    Equipped with 3 AC outputs delivering 230V at 50Hz and a robust 2200W with a peak performance of 4400W, our energy storage device ensures reliable power for your home. With this capacity, it effortlessly supports the operation of most household appliances, providing seamless electricity for your entire home.

    Easy Setup by plugin
    Experience hassle-free installation with our plug-and-play design. Our system seamlessly integrates 200W/400W/600W/800W, providing flexible and efficient grid connectivity for your energy needs.

    Product specification

    Technical Specification 1
    Battery Capacity LiFePO4 2048Wh±5%(40Ah/51.2V)
    AC Input Charging AC 174-264V/1500W Max
    Car Input Charging DC12-24V/10A 240W Max
    Solar Input Charging PV18-100V/20A 1200W Max
    Technical Specification 2
    Safety Protection Short-Circuit
    Technical Specification 3
    AC Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    LED Light 3W MAX, 3 Levels(L/M/H Adjustable)with SOS function
    Safety Protection
    Technical Specification 4
    Battery Cycle Life 3500 cycles,DOD≥70%
    Pass-ThroughCharging Support
    Weight&Size 23kgs/51 LBS 18.31in x 10.24in x 11.61in
    EnvironmentalOperatingTemperature Charge Temp: 0~40°C(32~104°F) Discharge Temp:-10~40°C(14~104°F)
    Output Port(AC)
    AC 3*AC Output: 230V, 50Hz, 2200W, Peak 4400W Micro-Inverter connection output: 200W/400W/600W/800W Max Note:when the battery power ≤5%,AC output will be off. When the battery capacity≤3%, DC&USB outputs will be off (Protects battery performance)
    Output Port(USB)
    USB USB Output 1: QC18W Max(5V2.4A&9V2A&12V1.5A)
    USB Output 2: QC18W Max(5V2.4A&9V2A&12V1.5A)
    USB Type-C 1: PD100W(5V3A&9V3A&12V3A&15V3A&20V5A)
    USB Type-C 2:PD27W(5V3A&9V3A&12V2.25A&15V1.8A&20V1.35A)
    Output Port(DC)
    DC 1*Cigarette Lighter 13.8V/12A Max +2*DC5521 Rated Output 13.8V/5A Max,(Total 12A Max)