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MOOSIB 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Batterie, Eingebauter 200A BMS, 2560Wh Energie

LiFePo4 Battery

MOOSIB 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Batterie, Eingebauter 200A BMS, 2560Wh Energie

MOOSIB 12V 200Ah Plus automotive grade lithium battery features a robust 200A BMS, providing ample power. Equipped with automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate cells, it excels even on cloudy days. Its durable, high-quality construction ensures longevity, while the improved BMS allows for fast charging and reliable power output. With half the weight and twice the capacity of lead-acid batteries, it offers easy portability and long-lasting, emission-free energy, with a lifespan of up to 10 years. It can be expanded to create a battery system generating 51.2 kW of power and 40.96 kWh of usable energy over a 10-year lifespan. An optimal 12V 40A lithium battery charger ensures a full charge in 5 hours.

     【Automotive Grade Lithium Battery】Lanpwr 12V 200Ah Plus battery, equipped with a robust battery management system (BMS) of 200 amps, provides sufficient power for your devices.  Equipped with automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate cells, it performs well even on cloudy days.  The robust housing, made from high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, guarantees longevity.  The integrated BMS offers comprehensive protection against overheating, overcurrent, overcharging, deep discharging and short circuits.

     【Upgraded BMS】Lanpwr 12V 200Ah PLUS LiFePO4 can be charged up to 200A, twice the previous capacity of 100A.  This improvement allows it to handle high output current loads, making it a reliable power source for all your power needs.

     【1/2 Weight and 2X Capacity】For off-grid adventures, lithium batteries like Lanpwr prove to be the superior choice.  They offer twice the energy of lead-acid batteries and weigh only 30-40% of their lead-acid counterpart.  Comfortable handles on both sides facilitate easy movement without the need for a cart.  Lanpwr charges faster and delivers long-lasting power with almost 10 times the lifespan compared to traditional SLA batteries.  It is also emission-free with no smoke or acid-related problems.

     【10 Year Lifespan】Lanpwr 12V 200Ah Plus LiFePO4 battery supports the creation of a battery system with an expansion of up to 4S4P (51.2V 800Ah), giving 51.2kW power and 40.96kWh usable energy.  For optimal longevity, a recommended 12V 40A lithium battery charger is recommended to ensure a full charge within 5 hours.


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    Product specification

    Model No:LFP12-200
    Material: ABS
    Voltage: 12.8V
    Rated capacity: 200Ah (0.2C, 25℃)
    Energy: 2560Wh
    Internal resistance: ≤60mΩ
    Cycle times: ≥2000 times@0.2C 100% DOD
    Monthly self-discharge rate: <3%
    Charging voltage: 14.6 ±0.2V
    Charging mode: 0.2C to 14.6V
    Charging current: 40A
    Continuous discharge current: 100A
    Maximum pulse current: 300A (<3s)
    Discharge cut-off voltage: 10V
    Storage temperature: -10℃ to 40℃
    Terminal: M8
    Size: 522*240*218mm
    Weight: 26.7kg